Digestive Enzymes


Nurture Digestive Enzymes helps to break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats, enhancing your nutrient absorption and reducing food sensitivities and digestive discomfort. It is ideal if you suffer from indigestion, acid reflux and IBS.


  • Three protease enzymes that function at different pH ranges (protein digestion)
  • Acid stable lipase that will not be destroyed by stomach acid (fat digestion)
  • Can be taken before, during or after meals

Directions: Take 1 – 2 capsules with each meal.
Form: 30 capsules
Formula: Amylase 12,000 DU, Acid Protease 82 SAPU, Neutral Protease 10,000 PC, Xylanase 1,200 XU, Fungal Protease 2,050 HUT, Cellulase 1,000 CU, Lipase 400 FCCLU, Lactase 200 ALU, Pectinase 12 endo-PGU, Hemicellulase 1,000 HCU, Invertase 240 SU.


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