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The #KFit LEAN plan is a high protein diet plan that promotes muscle gain and fat loss. And comes complete with detailed macros (calories, protein, carbs, fats) as well a one touch scan and your meal gets entered into the KhadijaKapp. You can use this plan to lean out or bulk up, just follow your allocated macros.

It is not about restricting food and includes a variety of recipes and options ensuring you get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and superfoods without getting bored. Combine this plan with your current exercise plan to maximize fat loss or if you wish purchase a subscription to my workout app.

  • Meal plan and menu including snacks.
  • Detailed macros with a quick barcode on each recipe, scan the recipe and the macros are displayed on the KhadijaK nutrition app.
  • Extra recipes that you can swop out for.
  • Weekly Shopping list for your convenience.
  • Suitable for men and women, this diet plan will see you losing centimeters and up to 15 kg.
  • You can also use this plan to bulk.
  • Not sure how many calories/macros to follow, book a consult with KhadijaK.

Once you purchase this eBook via Payfast, it will be available immediately for download. If you do not make payment via Payfast, please email us with your proof of payment so we can release the document (office hours only). Shop online and make payment. Log in and click on my account, downloads.

*no refunds on this product

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The KFit LEAN plan is a scientifically formulated high protein diet plan that is designed to optimize muscle gain and promote fat loss. This comprehensive plan includes a detailed breakdown of macro-nutrients, such as calories, protein, carbs, and fats, along with the convenience of a one-touch scan feature that automatically enters your meals into the KhadijaKapp nutrition app. Whether your goal is to lean out or bulk up, this plan is customizable to suit your specific needs.


1 review for #KFIT LEAN

  1. Sadika

    I am thoroughly impressed by the exceptional quality of the #KFIT Lean high protein eating plan. It has exceeded my expectations in its user-friendly approach, providing clear and concise, easy to follow recipes that make adopting a healthier lifestyle easily attainable. The number of options on this lean plan is truly remarkable; meaning you don’t have to eat the same thing every day – I even find myself looking forward to trying the next meal. The added convenience of a meticulously organised grocery list for each week is an absolute game-changer, easing the shopping experience and saving me valuable time. This comprehensive plan has not only made nutritious eating enjoyable but also sustainable. You have to try it !!

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