#KFIT Intermittent Fasting LEAN

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The #KFit Intermittent Fasting LEAN plan is an intermittent fasting high protein meal plan, that promotes weight loss and comes complete with detailed macros (calories, protein, carbs, fats). Download available from the 22 September.

It is not about restricting food and includes a variety of recipes and options ensuring you get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and superfoods without getting bored. Combine this plan with your current exercise plan to maximize fat loss or if you wish purchase a subscription to my workout app and use the kfit lean intermittent fasting workout plan.

  • Meal plan and menu.
  • Recipes include Apple Pecan-Chia Euphoria, Hot Honey Salmon, Bistecca Cubetti Salad and many more.
  • Detailed macros on each.
  • Extra recipes that you can swop out for.
  • Weekly Shopping list for your convenience.
  • Suitable for men and women, this diet plan will see you losing centimeters and kg.

Once you purchase this eBook via Payfast, it will be available immediately for download. If you do not make payment via Payfast, please email us with your proof of payment so we can release the document (office hours only). Shop online and make payment. Log in and click on my account, downloads.

*no refunds on this product

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This revolutionary approach to nutrition harnesses the power of intermittent fasting and protein-rich foods to optimize your body’s potential.  This is a scientifically backed and delicious approach to achieving your fitness and wellness goals. Intermittent fasting paired with a high-protein meal plan offers a dynamic solution that not only enhances your metabolism but also helps you maintain lean muscle mass, shed unwanted pounds, and boost your overall vitality.


1 review for #KFIT Intermittent Fasting LEAN

  1. Zakheera Hansa

    Excellent eating plan. I managed to shed 10kg in 6 weeks.

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