#KFITimfastingChallenge Workouts


Option – 3- Includes the challenge, and workouts. DOES NOT INCLUDE a diet.  Suitable if you have any of my other diet plans, #KFIT, #Wintershred or #KKnewYOU or the #KKnewYOUVEGAN.

What is included in the challenge?

  • Consult with KhadijaK to determine your individual plan and goals. (via Whatsapp)
  • Access to our KhadijaK app with all the benefits for 8 weeks.
  • Community Group on my fitness app for daily motivation and coaching that gives you the chance to engage with likeminded people from all over the world.
  • The workouts are available via my app on the app stores and are suitable for beginners as well as advanced users ensuring you do not reach a plateau. You can progress at your own pace by switching from beginner to advanced as you wish.
  • Optional Integration with my nutrition tracker, which enables you to track your macros.
  • The app includes tracking tools for you to monitor your progress in detail – Before and after pictures, BODY measurement PROGRESS TRACKING, & TRAINING calendar LOG.
  • Detailed progress tracking which allows you to track fitness as well as body goals.
  • I will be on hand to help you, guide you and answer all your questions.To register for the challenge you need to do the following:
    • Shop online and make payment.
    • Book your consultation asap. Whatsapp Khadija on 0837862787
    • Email info@khadijak.com requesting access to the KhadijaK App.

    As per all our challenges we do not share your pictures publicly without your consent. It is not compulsory to take photos. You may remain anonymous.

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