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Get Shredded This Winter -  Don’t Let The Cold Stop You!

 The KKWinterShred is a 60 day lifestyle diet plan with a one week maintenance plan for winter

This plan is based on my eating habits growing up in a healthy household. You will lose up to 15kg on this plan. This is a balanced eating plan that is family friendly and supports all food groups.

Combine this plan with your current exercise plan to maximize fat loss or if you wish purchase the Winter Shred workout plan that has workouts included.

This proven Weight-loss program is now available for both Men and Women. This 60- Day Turnaround Program includes:

  • 2 complete menus and diet plans for 8 weeks.
  • A maintenance diet plan.
  • Recipes including breakfast smoothies, detox tonics and snacks.
  • A variety of foods and options ensuring you get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and superfoods without getting bored.
  • Menu and eating plan with 30 Recipes.
  • Shopping list.
  • List of recommended supplements.
  • Daily Motivation through my social media pages.  Share ideas and motivation! Follow me on instagram @khadijakadodia and dm me to add you to our private story.

 Once you purchase this plan via PAYFAST, it will be available immediately for download. If you do not make payment via payfast, please email us with your proof of payment so we can release the document (office hours only)


WinterShred Workouts via my APP. The workouts are found on my app. This is a full body workout aimed at fatloss/shredding.

You will need the following for the workouts:

  1. A exercise mat or towel
  2. A soccer ball or a medicine ball
  3. A set of Dumbbells
  4. A kettlebell

There are 7 workouts in the plan and you can choose which days you wish to do which workout. You may also do two workouts on one day, as long as you complete 7 a week. The program is tailored for 60 days and includes progressions.

Other Features on the App include:

  1. The app includes tracking tools for you to monitor your progress in detail.
  2. Before and after pictures, measurements and a full calendar.
  3. Every time you workout your trainer gets a message.
  4. Closed group, you can chat and interact with other members on the app.
  5. Personalized workout videos by KhadijaK that you can do anywhere.
  6. Optional Integration with myFitnesspal

See you on the workout floor!!

  • STEP THREE: LOG IN TO THE APP AND YOU ARE READY TO GO. You will be given access to the workout program via the app for 60days only.

*no refunds on this product