Get fit, shredded and energised with this successful FATLOSS challenge.


Who can do this challenge?

  • Any female based ANYWHERE in the world, who wants to lose weight.
  • The focus of this challenge is weight loss. You will be required to do regular check ins via the fitness app so KhadijaK can monitor your weight loss and adjust accordingly. You will need to record your measurements and progress AND you will be held accountable.
  • This challenge includes workouts from the KhadijaKapp, new workouts will be added as the challenge progresses.
  • As per all our challenges we do not share your pictures publicly without your consent. It is not compulsory to take photos. You may remain anonymous.

To register for the challenge you need to do the following:

  • Shop online and make payment of your full challenge entry fee.
  • Whatsapp 0837862787 to be added to the group.
  • Email your before pictures and measurements to kt@khadijak.com – this is optional

What is included in the challenge?  

  • Access to our KhadijaKapp with all the benefits for 60days.
  • You will receive a calendar with your workout schedule, the first 30 days focuses on strength and groundwork, the second calendar focuses on building lean muscle, and includes the all new SHRED workouts.
  • Whatsapp Group for daily motivation and coaching.
  • The 60 Day WinterShred Diet available via an ebook download.
  • The 60 Day WinterShred Workouts available via my app.
  • The app includes tracking tools for you to monitor your progress in detail – Before and after pictures, BODY measurement PROGRESS TRACKING, & TRAINING calendar LOG. Every time you workout your trainer gets a message!
  • The 60 Day Weight loss Challenge winner walks away with the prize.

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