KhadijaK Gym Seasons Dates

Season 1 – 8th January – 4th February
Season 2 – 5th February – 3rd March
Season 3 – 4th March – 10th April
Season 4 – 15th April – 5th May
Season 5 – 6th May – 2nd June
Season 6 – 3rd June – 30th June
Season7 – 1st July – 28th July
Season 8 – 29th July – 25th August
Season 9 – 26th August – 22nd September
Season 10 – 23rd September to 20th October
Season 11 – 21st October to 17th November
Season 12 – 18th November – 15th December

Our gym works on a season basis. You can join the gym anytime, but the packages apply to a season. If you join in the middle of the season we will adjust accordingly.

A season is usually 4 weeks and we focus on a different theme each week. Eg: during week 3 we focus on cardiovascular endurance. You get to do a little more cardio during this time as well as work on stamina.

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