#KFITimfastingChallenge - Intermittent Fasting Challenge

8 weeks - Heat 1- 22nd January 2024 - 17th March 2024, Heat 2- 29th January - 24th March 2024


Looking for a game-changer in your weight loss journey? 

8 weeks days to a leaner, healthier and fitter YOU! .

The #KFITimchallenge is a weight loss challenge which uses intermittent fasting as well as workouts tailored for calorie deficit-driven fat loss, all on my fitness app. I have a few options to choose from to suit your budget and goals. 

 Who can do this challenge?

Any female based ANYWHERE in the world. Whether you want to lose 5 kg or 20 kg. This is the ONE!

This plan is CUSTOMISED to your age and menstrual cycle


1.  Includes the #KFIT Intermittent Fasting Lean diet with over 30 divine recipes.
2. Customized to your weight, height, age, menstrual cycle and activity level.
3. Private consult with KhadijaK to determine your specific needs.
4. State of the art workouts via the KhadijaK app that can be done anywhere with many options.
5. Coaching and support group. A community that keeps you motivated.
6. Workout challenge on the KhadijaK app workouts tailored for calorie deficit-driven fat loss.


1. Shop for the chosen #KFITimchallenge package. Email kt@khadijak.com if you need help choosing a plan.
2. Download the diet and app depending on your package.
3.Book the consult with KhadijaK so she can customise your plan and adjust your app settings and diet accordingly. Whatsapp on 0837862787
4. WhatsApp starting photographs to 0837862787 (photos are not compulsory). Add starting weight and measurements to the KhadijaKapp.
5. Join the KhadijaKFam WhatsApp support group - 0837862787
6. Download the KhadijaK app and press PLAY! Get ready for your first meal on the plan.


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Join the #KhadijaKFam worldwide

12 KG down in three months just in time for my matric dance. For the first time i could study without distractions and getting tired. We often think we dont have time for gym when we are studying but i would not have gotten such great results without following the ebook and Katys exercise.

Almaz – Gauteng

I followed every plan possible before doing the newyou challenge. Khadijas advice and guidance is what sets this apart. From what spices to use to how to cook certain vegetables. Gluten free is doable with this plan, I lost my belly completely and found my energy levels.

Humeira – South Africa

I did the #KKnewYOUchallenge in September and lost 8kg but more importantly my belly disappeared. I was insulin resistant and on medication. My insulin levels are normal and my cycle has normalized. I fell pregnant after four years of trying. I am using Khadija’s fitness app and I still follow the same plan.

Marika – South Africa

Two months ago i spoke to K about getting even leaner - i really want a six pack. So i have joined the new you challenge and i am doing the workouts on Khadijas fitness app. I have done 5 weeks of the #KKnewYOUchallenge, lost 6 kg , my insomnia is gone and best of all - NO period problems, zero cravings and mood swings. I honestly have so much energy. Its much easier to stay on track with the whatsapp coaching, so thats a plus.


To every women struggling with PCOS, unwanted body hair, loss of libido, weight gain and infertility. There is hope. A few months ago I started the new you plan, at my doctors suggestion. I lost weight but more importantly, my hair stopped falling, my cycle is normalized, I have better skin and more energy. I am now 6 weeks pregnant with gods grace and Khadija is the first person we shared this news with. Very often we place all our eggs in one basket when we are sick. We go from tablet to capsule with no relief. A healthy lifestyle with the right mentor is the greatest gift I have given my body.

Sangeeta – Durban

"The workouts worked wonders for me, I was struggling to lose belly fat and in just two months I feel fitter and have dropped a dress size."

Tasneem – Gauteng

The #kk60DayBeachBodyChallenge was truly amazing! I've managed to drop 7kgs! Something I couldn't achieve years ago despite trying various workouts and diets but this one surely did the trick. Anything is possible with the perfect trainer, reliable meal plan as well as consistency and dedication.

Fawzia Ismail – Pretoria

"No more bloating, my body is toned and firm and I feel more confident and certainly happier and more focused. Having Khadijas support makes this plan priceless"

Janet – UK
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