KhadijaK Gym - Boutique Ladies Fitness Studio

The ultimate training destination for females who want quality, commitment and inspiration. This air conditioned, secure, load shedding free INDOOR and OUTDOOR venue boasts the best of both worlds with Trainer Khadija Kadodia. Train with me in CENTURION.

Classes include:

  1. Swing – Kettlebell Workout: Sculpt your body into an hourglass shape with this dynamic kettlebell routine.
  2. Full Body Strength Training: Carve out a firm booty and build overall strength.
  3. Flow – Relax and Stretch: Unwind, stretch, and enhance your flexibility.
  4. Torch1000 – Functional Training Circuit: Maximize calorie burn and boost your fitness with this high-energy circuit.  Experience a metabolic boost with this dynamic workout.
  5. Boxing – fitness boxing and kickboxing. Get fit whilst having fun with this high energy class.
  6. Fitkids – Exercise classes for children, fun, dynamic and educational.

New Member Experience: How to Join Us?

1. For inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp at 0837862787 or if you are ready to embark on a transformative journey for your body. Register by filling out this form.

2. After receiving your registration, we will promptly connect with you to discuss your goals, address any health concerns, and tailor a schedule of classes that align with your preferences.

3. Once your personalized plan is finalized and payment is processed, you’re all set to begin your exciting journey with us.

4. The packages are valid for a season (usually 4 weeks). You will find seasons dates here.

5. You’re welcome to join our gym at any point during the season! Even if you decide to join two weeks in, we’ll adjust the fees accordingly, ensuring a fair and seamless experience for all.

For personalized, plans, body fat metrics, diets and consults visit my BODYLAB page. 

Our new gym location is SAFE, Secure, No Load shedding and has an Indoor gym with outdoor training areas.

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