“True physical fitness is not rated by how much weight one can push or by how far you can run without stopping. Physical fitness is the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor with ample energy left to plan lifetime goals and enjoy leisure pursuits”
Khadija Kadodia – Fitness Trainer

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About Khadija Kadodia


Khadija is an entrepreneur and fitness instructor and has been helping thousands of women and men around the world since 2005 achieve their fitness goals and improve their mental, emotional and physical health. She runs a gym in South Africa as well as many successful online fitness programs. Khadija launched her fitness app in 2018, which is available on all the app stores.

She is the creator of the #KFIT and the #KKWinterShred lifestyle fitness plans that have transformed many lives.

Khadija answers many of your questions on her you tube channel and Instagram and is constantly motivating others to get fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

chicken tikka grilled pineapple and strawwbey milkblog size

This recipe is a gamechanger. If you are looking for an absolute crowd pleaser that’s high in protein and delicious this is the one!

5 Minute Prep Recipes – High Protein Butter Chicken
5 Minute Prep Recipes – High Protein Butter Chicken
warming beef stew

The perfect winter immune booster. Beef, potatoes and carrot make this a winner. This stew can be eaten with rice, naan or as a soup.

Warming Beef Stew
Warming Beef Stew