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  • My butt looks amazing! My husband cannot stop touching me. I lost all my weight post birth (C-Section) and some more. I have abs of steel and I am the leanest I have ever been.

    Nurain, Pretoria
  • I was 20kg overweight. 2017 was the first year I did Khadijas Wintershred program and it changed my life. I lost all the weight and gained confidence and energy.

    Anisa, Qatar
  • Khadijas menu is amazing, I love the recipes and honestly learnt how to cook with this plan!


    MIshka, Pretoria
  • I lost 15kg post partum on the wintershred plan in just 60days! Thank you KT

    Yasmin, Pretoria
  • I lost 5kg, regained my fitness and had the best Ramadan ever, not missing a single prayer. Side note: I ate the desserts on Khadijas plan almost everyday.They are ABSOLUTELY delicious.

    Nurain, Pretoria
  • Originally from Canada, living in the UAE and married to a very fussy turkish man I was a bit skeptical following the eating plans of a trainer from South Africa. My goodness i was wrong. Khadija is very cosmopolitan. From hummus to Meatballs we thoroughly enjoyed this plan. I also love how she gives us four names from all the different languages for some of the fruit and spices!

    Minha, UAE
  • Year after year I suffered with terrible knee pains during Taraweeh prayers. 2009 was the first year I did Khadijas RamadanFit program and it changed my life. No knee pains, no stomach cramps, and so much energy. I had much more time to pray.

    Fatima L, Pretoria
  • RamadanFit transformed my energy completely. This was the first time I had so much energy during the fasting month. My friend and I followed the workouts posted on YouTube religously. I love how the short quick workouts made such a difference.

    Sumaya Latib, Dubai

  • Online challenge with proven results worldwide.
  • Lose fat and build muscle.
  • #KK60DayBeachBodyChallenge - a year round diet and workout plan
  • #kk60DayWinterShredChallenge - For the cooler months.
  • #KKRamadanFit - Nourishing and energising plan for the fasting month.
  • From Dubai, to Canada  to South Africa,  join this worldwide community.
  • Eating plans that are lifestyle and family friendly.
  • Workout via my app anywhere in the world.
  • Online coaching and whatsapp community.
  • Motivation via social media.
  • Youtube channel providing hints and tips.

The #KK60DayBeachBodyChallenge Round 1 is now on sale.

This successful plan that has transformed the physique and fitness of many worldwide, and is available as a diet ebook or workout plan via the KK App or a combination of both. 

About Khadija Kadodia


“True physical fitness is not rated by how much weight one can push or by how far you can run without stopping. Physical fitness is the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor with ample energy left to plan lifetime goals and enjoy leisure pursuits”  Khadija Kadodia – Fitness Trainer


Khadija is an entrepreneur and fitness instructor and has been helping thousands of women and men around the world since 2005 achieve their fitness goals and improve their mental, emotional and physical health. She runs a gym in South Africa as well as many successful online fitness programs.

She is the creator of the #KK60DayBeachBodySeries, and the #KK60DayWinterShred a lifestyle fitness plan that has transformed many lives . This program is available as a diet only download or you may purchase the full program including workouts via the KHADIJAKHEALTH app.

Khadija answers many of your questions on her youtube channel and instagram and is constantly motivating others to get fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or working out is part of your life , Khadija has a workout program for you!

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